27 Dec 2007

Mudeye Mayhem!

Come summer, hot days are followed by balmy nights. On the lakes of cental Victoria, these conditions usually signal hatching migrations of dragon fly larvae, or 'mudeyes'. The trout tune in and the fishing can be great with just a handfull of proven mudeye patterns. When the moon rises, boils can seen on the water surface as thr trout hunt down and devour these little plump morsals. Closer to the edge, some trout may be seen in places where migrating Damsel fly larvae swim to shore to metamorphis into the flying insect - usually in full sun conditions so as to have the suns warmth to dry new wings

A newly hatched dragonfly dries its wings

An awesome bow falls to a mudeye pattern

'magpie' watching his brownie swim off after taking a liking to his cubits mudeye pattern.

A nice summertime bow takes a liking to a new dansel nymph pattern

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