4 Mar 2009

Cool Fly Fishing Media

This is Fly

Love this e-mag. It really appeals to the lurking sense of youth that resides within. Check it out. Its pretty fresh n crisp. A great read.

Aint this a great cover? Anyone who knows my liking for the odd predawn shot of vodka will understand why I like this one so much!

Catch Magazine

Just recently got put onto 'Catch Magazine' a fly fishing ezine that features sensational FF photography and video shorts from around the world. Well worth a look if you love beautiful and fascinating FF images.

Gin-Clear Media

Like fly fishing films? Enjoy gathering with a bunch of other fly fishing guys and seeing epic FF adventures?
Then get yer bum to the Rise Film Festival... click on the Gin-Clear link in my links and buy a ticket and get along and enjoy! Who knows, I might even see you there and you can buy me a beer!

Fly Life Magazine.

Good mag, good read. Australian and New Zealand focus. Collect em all!

This is a mock up cover that I feel really tells a story... Thanks Tubbs!

Manic Tackle Project

Cool site. Informative. Different.

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