28 Jun 2006

Flies I've tied and love to use

Some cicadas I've developed based on a concept I I've seen done with hoppers. They will hopefully get a swim in New Zealand shortly.

A couple of new flies I tied after an afternoon on an Alpine meadow stream. The 'Meadow Emerger' dry and a 'Sneaky Pete' nymph. Both were tied from the need to suppliment the fly box with patterns that represented the food we thought the fish were feeding on. Both flies worked well - It pays to pack the tying gear sometimes!

My favourite smelt pattern and a success fron the first outing taking some nice Atlantic Salmon at Bullen Merri. Fuzzle dub and crazy lace. A take off from Murray Wilsons Fuzzling method, the dubbing is trapped above & below the hook shank to allow the 2 tone effect. The eyes make this fly.

These spent red spinners had the hackle tied in with a 'gallows tool' and clipped to shape. They low in the surface film just like the real thing!

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I recently had a ball taking many Australian Salmon at Barwon Heads on this Chris Beech inspired candy. Grey over white polar beary fibre.

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