26 Jun 2006

My Photo Galery 1

A late season Goulburn hopper

My lake oufit. 10 foot GLX GLoomis. SA LA II 678. Sweet.

That memorable first trout from Harcourt that kicked off a lifetime pursuit. 3lbs, 18 1/2 inches. Not a bad fish to cut your teeth on! Rod is a GLoomis IMX 7wt. The reel, I think from memory, is a Hardy Princess.

A feisty little 'bow that surprised me. The bit of water it came from was naught but a pond and disconnected from the main reservoir by a small waterfall. Pretty though.

A lovely little brownie from the upper Yarra, great fun on the 3 wt!

A recent pic I took at Lake Purrumbete. Being winter, I thought it odd that any sort of flower would bloom. It was such a pretty yellow, I had to caputure it.

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Slootjes said...

Great shots TJ,
Do you have any tips as to how to get a decent photo of a fly in the vice? I can never get the lighting right.